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  • All players and spectators must wear masks upon entering and leaving the baseball fields. Masks are to be worn until the playing field is reached. While visiting the restrooms and restroom areas, concession areas, if applicable; everyone must wear masks. 


  • Fans, while watching the game, must wear masks while sitting in a group of 10 or more. In a group of 10 or less, they can remove their masks.


  • All are encouraged to provide clear pathways for others as they enter and exit the fields.   


  • Player agreements with liability waivers to be signed by every participating player noting the risks of COVID.  The Waiver Agreements are on the NCMSBL website.


  • Any participant, coach, or fan showing any new or lingering COVID symptoms should refrain from a presence at the baseball fields and any fan areas.  Any person showing signs of COVID should immediately be sent home or away from the baseball facilities.


  • No fans are permitted to be on the field or in the dugouts.  The presence on the fields and dugouts are limited to players, coaches, umpires, and official league members.


  • On the playing field, wearing a mask is optional to the players but is encouraged.  All players to always have their own masks available to them.


  • It is optional for all Base Coaches to wear masks unless specifically in close contact with runners.


  • Players that are not in the field as either a fielder, batter, on deck hitter or base coach, are encouraged to wear masks if near teammates.


  • In the dugouts, social distancing (e.g., 6 feet) and mask wearing must be maintained. Players can spread out, outside the dugouts and stands if necessary. Best to have the next 4 hitters in the lineup remain in the dugout and all others remain outside. Highly suggested but not mandated.


  • All players/teams at this point, should be fully educated on CDC mandated Social Distancing and to do what they are supposed to do. Everyone must be diligent.


  • No Sharing of Equipment. 


  • No sharing of drink bottles and other personal items and equipment.  No seeds in the dugout unless all seeds are in a cup or bag and properly disposed of.  No seeds allowed on the field of play.


  • Disinfectant must be team provided.  All are encouraged to frequently disinfect any items that come into contact with participants.


  • Only one game per team, per day, on the same field


  • All Managers and umpires must wear masks at Home Plate meeting when reviewing ground rules and exchanging lineups.


  • Any manager approaching or interacting with an umpire must wear a mask.


  • No Post Game Handshakes (We will leave it to the teams to find an appropriate form of recognition)


  • This protocol is at the discretion of the umpires and the managers.  If not waived, umpires will NOT hold game balls; defensive team will provide balls to their pitcher. After the 3rd out is recorded for each inning; the defensive team will carry the ball back to their dugout and the offensive team will bring a new game ball out for the next ½ inning.


  • When holding a meeting on the mound all participants need to maintain safe distances from each other. The meeting would be limited to a maximum of 3 people.


  • Pitchers will not be allowed to go to their mouth between pitches. If this is done, the ball must immediately be replaced.  The ball is then discarded until it has been sanitized.  The pitcher is required to apply hand sanitizer prior to continuing.  If this happens again, a balk will be called. If no one is on base, a ball will be added to the count.


  • If a NCMSBL participant were to test positive for COVID during the season, the team manager MUST immediately report this to the NCMSBL league. That individual player would need to quarantine himself according to local California guidelines and would be ineligible to participate until the quarantine time had successfully concluded.


  • Team Managers are responsible for leaving a clean dugout after each game.  All trash is to be removed by the respective teams and the fans in attendance.  Trash should be disposed of into garbage containers with no lids requiring hand touching, or the trash should be carried from the facility and disposed of properly elsewhere.


  • If a NCMSBL official or NCMSBL appointed field monitor sees an infraction to the above stated rules, a warning will be issued. A second violation will mean ejection from the game and a possible forfeiture of the game.

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