If you are bored with softball, and miss the skill and competitive nature of playing baseball then you have found home plate. The North County San Diego MABL/MSBL baseball league has over 40 teams in 4 age divisions. The North County San Diego MABL/MSBL  is a wood bat league, and we play on the finest diamonds in the North County of San Diego, California.

The Men’s Senior Baseball League, Inc. and The Men’s Adult Baseball League (the national organizations) and its affiliated local leagues are operated for the purpose of providing adults the opportunity to play organized, amateur baseball. It is the policy of the league and its affiliates to maintain the highest standard of ethics in conducting their activities. It is the responsibility of the officers and directors of each affiliated local league to maintain this standard, and to enforce it by taking appropriated disciplinary action in cases in which the standards is abused. The North County Men’s Senior Baseball League, and The North County Men’s Adult Baseball League (NCMSBL/NCMABL) is a local league affiliated with the Men’s Senior Baseball League, Inc. and is committed to uphold the standards of ethics and major policies of the national organization. The rules set forth herein are generally consistent with rules recommended by the national organization.